Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella
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What do you get when you mix a beloved Scarlatti Sonata with two familiar Christmas Carols? This delightful arrangement of Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella and The Holly and the Ivy.

Perfect for a Christmas Candlelight service or any holiday occasion, this piece is ideal for a student flute or violin player to play with a slightly more sophisticated pianist.

Listen and watch below:

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Copy Cats Book One (Studio License)

Copy Cats Book One
Studio License

Note: This is a 12 page downloadable PDF to print and reprint as often as you'd like.

Each COPY CAT piece is made of catchy, physically comfortable phrases which are immediately imitated by the other hand. In some pieces, the right hand begins and the left hand imitates it. In others, the left hand starts. These pieces encourage an unusual and important combination of both sight- reading and using one’s ear.

COPY CATS provide multiple opportunities to experience how playing the same notes in each hand doesn’t mean using the same finger numbers. They purposely do not include dynamics so the student can focus on interval reading and simple articulation.

Note: the pieces in D Major, A Major and F Major are printed in two different versions — one with the key signature and one with no key signature. These side-by-side examples provide a refreshing opportunity to see exactly what a key signature does. The piece in G Major is printed with the left hand in two different positions - high and low.

COPY CAT pieces can be used for:

  • Sight Reading
  • Transposing
  • Balancing skills when one hand is stronger than the other
  • Assessing reading level and ability

"I used these with a student last week -- amazing what it revealed about his reading, especially perception of intervals, and how they connect with his ear. These are truly useful tools for developing reading and coordination."

  —Keith Snell

Looking for quirky, perky and mischievous? Mean Little Monsters Perfect for Halloween but not limited to it, these pieces are impressive. They sound so much harder than they are! If you've enjoyed my Attention Grabber pieces, you'll love this suite of three short pieces. Late Elementary, Early Intermediate Level. 

Copy Cats Book Two (Studio License)

Copy Cats Book Two picks up where Book One left off. The keys of C Major, D Major, F Major, and G Major are reviewed. Eighth notes are introduced in these review pieces. The rest of the white keys, A Major, E Major and B Major are introduced both with and without key signature to help students understand exactly how key signatures function. (And to give them an extra helping hand to get them right on the first try.) The last phrase of each piece uses both hands together for the finishing touch!

Carol of the Bells Studio License (Early Intermediate)
7.49 8.99

This delightfully rewarding arrangement of Carol of the Bells refreshes one of student’s favorite holiday pieces with a new take on this haunting piece.

In the style of my Attention Grabber pieces, the arrangement sets up each perfectly-scaffolded hand position change and movement. Your students will love learning it and playing it for their family and friends!


Diane Hidy’s Teaching Tips for teaching this specific arrangement. Make use of Diane’s unique ideas for exactly how to practice for a practically perfect performance!