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Teach With Diane

Be the first to experience a brand new kind of teacher training and support at this showcase with Diane Hidy (teachwithdiane.com) , and as a bonus, discover her latest solos, sight reading resources, method materials, and more.

Ladybugs will be thrown :)

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Beyond Boys and Girls: Ten Proven Ways to Make Wise Choices for Your Students Without Resorting to Gender Cliches

Beyond Boys and Girls: Ten Proven ways to make wise choices for your students without resorting to gender cliches.

Gender cliches are part of our culture, but they needn’t be part of our piano teaching. 

We have all made assumptions about our students based on obsolete categorizations that have seeped into our collective unconscious. We will explore ways in which we have unknowingly limited our students, and what we did to remedy the situation.

Using a combination of hard science and hard-fought personal experience, we will examine how choices based on gender can backfire. More importantly, we will outline specific ways to assess students and help to make the best choices in materials, repertoire and overall teaching decisions.

We will discuss ways to create an atmosphere in which students can be most authentically themselves; one in which we, as teachers, do nothing to limit their choices or their power to express themselves. If music is a language, then we must do our best give it full voice in each and every student.

Presenting with Cognitive Scientist Michelle Lifshitz.

National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, Westin Lombard Hotel outside Chicago, IL

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Diane Hidy & Keith Snell: Brand New Sight Reading Books from Beginning through Advanced

Join Keith Snell and me this Saturday, June 29, 2019 at the Music Teachers Association of California Conference. Meet us bright and early at 8 am in Santa Clara at the Hyatt Regency. We’ll be talking about our brand new Sight Reading Books. I wrote the Prep, Level One and half of the Level Two book. Keith compiled the others and they are some of the most useful products I’ve ever produced. Come and hear tips for teaching your students to be excellent sight readers!

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Music Teachers Association of California Conference

Dora and the Music Alphabet

Real Kids - Real Solutions: Teaching to the Unique Differences of Each Student

Join me bright and early on Saturday morning at the MTAC Conference for a practical and inspiring presentation.

What special concerns present themselves in piano lessons with students with ADD, visual or auditory processing issues? What are the best materials and methods for teaching a child with these issues? What helps a child with ADD? How does that differ from what might help a child with dyslexia?

Using examples from my best-selling Attention Grabbers, I'll give teachers practical tips to help understand and teach these wonderfully challenging students.

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