Weaving in Issues of Alcohol, Drugs and Sex

Each year I try to be a little more professional in my teaching studio. This year I decided to print out a copy of my online studio policy and ask parents to sign the last page. Mostly I wanted to be sure that they were OK with me putting their kid's picture or video up on dianehidy.com or my teaching tips page on Facebook. It was a pretty simple idea.

Eloise's Dad brought her to her lesson and I handed him the printed out policy for him to read and sign. Didn't think twice about it.

"I really have a problem with this policy about weaving in issues of alcohol, drugs and sex," said Steve.


"What?" I said, flabbergasted.

I snatched back the policy. Sure enough, the first thing I saw was a section called "Truth and Privacy, Weaving in Issues of Alcohol, Drugs and Sex."

I had inadvertently given him a handout about parenting teens that had come from the Quaker School my daughter attends. It's actually a very good handout, including lots of information about handling sex and drugs. But it would not make an appropriate studio policy.

You can be sure that next time I hand a parent four printed pages it will be my studio policy.