Revolving Kids

Bryce is home from a month-long adventure in New York. He turned 17 while he was gone, the first birthday he'd been away from home.

Bryce modeling in New York.

Bryce modeling in New York.

Evie left for three weeks at Camp Tawonga just before he got returned to San Francisco. Tawonga is a Jewish sleep-away camp. No, we haven't converted. All her friends were going and she really wanted to go. That would be all her friends from the Quaker school she attends. It's like that in San Francisco. No one keeps to themselves. The city is just a great big hot tub and we all jump in and get to know each other.

Evie will get home just in time to leave again for San Francisco Girls Chorus Camp. This year she's a section leader in the highest level.  

Over the years I've grown accustomed to students coming and going. I like to think I've learned to say goodbye with some grace.  My own kids? It's not so easy. The best way to let go as a parent is to have both you and your child be a little uncomfortable. They should feel like you're being a little too strict and limiting. You should feel like you've given them a little too much freedom.

Today is Evie's 13th birthday. She's celebrating it with the kids at Tawonga and I'm sure she'll have a great day. Me? I'm a little uncomfortable.