These owl stickers could be used year-round. This pack comes with 24 sheets for a total of more than 200 stickers! 

This ladybug nail clipper  would be just the thing to pull out if you are using my Five Long, Five Short method of learning about how nails need to feel to play the piano. 

These beautiful blue Lumograph 2B pencils are my favorite ones for writing on music. I use these when I'm practicing myself. They're just the right combination of a dark lead that shows up easily and clearly without being so soft that they smear.  They are a little pricy, but they last a long time and I've never broken the lead on one. You can buy a set, or try just a single one and see if you like them as much as I do. This Staedtler plastic eraser works better than any other I've found.

It is so much better to make something disappear than to cross it out.  

Dryline Correction Tape is a something I use at every lesson. I use it to make things disappear: fingerings, titles we don't like, dynamics that don't work for a student. Because it doesn't have to dry like old-style liquid paper, it's much friendlier and easier to use. I couldn't teach without it.


Chinese Brain Twisters. This brilliant book is deceptively simple. I loved working through these puzzles. They almost made my brain ache because they required me to think in ways that were unfamiliar to me! It would be a great book to leave in a waiting area, or even to use at a class to get kids working together on a project while you're waiting for everyone to arrive.

I can't keep enough of the Little Peppers and Pepperbox Jazz in my studio. Every time I think I have enough, I run out of one of them. You and your students will love them! 

This piano lamp is at the top of my wish list. I can't recommend it highly enough. Many people have chosen this lamp and written to tell me that they LOVE it! Feel free to email me with any questions you have. I think every teacher should have one in their studio!

Duct Tape (DUCK tape) is a new addition to my wish list. Since I recently discovered its usefulness in improvisation, I will always keep a roll handy. There are all kinds of amazing patterned rolls available now and kids will love them. 

I love using removable highlighter tape, but had to be reminded of it by Arlene Steffen. Thanks, Arlene! 

Barbara Russell Wagner says she can't live without these twistable colored pencils. Thanks for the suggestion!

These 1 1/2 x 2 inch Post-its blocks are the essential size for me. I tried using the "greener' ones, but they didn't cover as well and I found myself using twice as many. This size usually covers just a measure in most student method books and editions. Also going to try these mini-note tabs to put specific instructions on the page where they need them!

I keep a set of highlighters near me at all times. I find it easier to keep all the colors if they're in a small case. My favorite set is really this set of eight, (on the right) but it's a bit pricy. I use them not only as highlighters, but also for playing the marker game. Arlene and Lauren Peterson Goodall also reminded me about erasable highlighters. Thanks!

Paolo used highlighters to show the harmonic plan of this piece from Piano Town. You can do the same thing with highlighting tape. Some students prefer tape - some prefer highlighters. I like to give them a choice.


I use these puzzle erasers whenever I want to show patterns on notes.


They're bright, they're colorful and they're exactly the right size to sit on a piano key. 

Just found another set that's inexpensive and adorable! 

I like these tiny multi-colored Hedgehogs too. 

You can always use Ladybug Erasers too! 

This Ladybug Squeeze is perfect hand position support.


Round on the top and flat on the bottom. Each student who enters my studio gets a ladybug of their very own to keep on their home piano. I love watching students wrap their fingers around the Ladybug. Just like magic, their fingers are molded into a beautiful, round shape.

I use a Push Puppet toy like the Floppy Giraffe to remind students to use a "ladybug" hand position. It's more fun to make a puppet flop down than it is to say, "Please maintain an elegant hand position." 




I recently bought this Canon Printer.   I'm happy with everything about it. I also bought a different kind of paper, Xerox Multipurpose Paper which is a lovely weight and is great for printing out pdf's I want to keep around for a while.


I love using these vintage stickers with students - many of whom have never even seen things like a dial telephone or an old-fashioned typewriter!

I couldn't survive without my electric pencil sharpener. I've had several over the years, but I prefer the vertical ones. They seem to work better, faster, and the kids can use them more easily. I often sharpen an entire box of pencils at one time so I can always pull out a sharpened one.

I like to keep goofy-shaped paper clips around. These are musical ones - treble clefs and eighth notes. I've also enjoyed using ones that are shaped like animals. Here are some goat-shaped clips that look entertaining. Or if you prefer, an assortment of animals.

I can never have too many have stickers. Here are some of my student's  favorites as well as some particularly inexpensive ones I've discovered. 


These are truly on my wish list because they're pricy, but they are SO beautiful! 

I  love beautiful magnets. I have some like this that I keep on the metal filing cabinet where I keep most of my teaching music. It somehow makes the businesslike cabinet seem a little prettier.  

I have this exact three-hole punch. I bought it because I got tired of not having enough leverage when I needed to punch through multiple sheets at once. This one works great and was completely worth the price.