Saying something very important about Japanese puzzle erasers.


"Yours was the most practical and helpful session of this conference for me. You have fantastic ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

You'll enjoy knowing that, as standard procedure, every piano pedagogy student at Bellarmine University (in Louisville, KY) now gets his/her own ladybug in their first semester of pedagogy.

And now, I'm SO ordering a gaggle of thumb puppets the minute I get home. Great stuff!"

Huge thanks,

Daniel Light

I loved speaking at the 2014 Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) Conference

For those of you who couldn't be there, here are some links and downloads.

I'll be doing another presentation at the Music Teachers Association of California Conference in June, 2014. Come and see me!

The gorgeous Lynda Lybeck Robinson improvising with duct tape. Look at the screen in the upper right for a close-up of her brilliant technique!

Meeting and greeting after the session.

Oh, the deep and meaningful things I said.

The four-page hand-out is a downloadable pdf which you can print for free

I started with a short video showing students "hard at work" in my studio.

Here are some of the things I spoke about, with links to posts where you can find more information:

Some of the lucky attendees went home with Ladybugs for Hand Position.

Thumb Puppets using a simple toy to bring hand position to life

Peek-a-Boo Windows - using post-it notes to create an "advent calendar"

Six Simple Tips for Teaching with Stickers

More about Teaching With Stickers

Sticker Store - my favorite stickers for teaching purposes.

Duct Tape Improvisation 

Attention Grabbers - pieces especially designed for students with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

Lessons with Animal Erasers: Sharp and Flat

Working on hand position: Pick One, Ignore the Rest

More ideas about Erasers in this post: Unconventional Ways to Use Flashcards

I used examples from these books:

Piano Town Lessons, Level One

Attention Grabbers, Book One (the piece titled Sneak Peek)

Attention Grabbers, Book Two by Diane Hidy (the piece titled Brainstorm)

Little Peppers by Elissa Milne (the piece titled Rhyme Time)
(if you live outside the states I recommend purchasing Elissa's books from Book Depository.

Her books are currently on sale at Book Depository and since they charge no shipping worldwide, it may be cheaper to purchase them from there even if you live in the states. Can't recommend them highly enough.

The games used in the video came from:

Rhythm Menagerie: A fabulous resource from Wendy Stevens at

Musical Spoons: