Need a perfect gift for a new baby? When my children were younger, I made this recording of original music and settings of traditional lullabies. Bryce's Lullaby was written when he was a baby. Click on the album cover to listen to sample of all the songs. I made this with my dear friend and colleague, the renowned soprano, Sara Ganz.

It includes lullabies by Grieg, Brahms and my own settings of Wynken, Blynken and Nod, The Fly-Away Horse, and my daughter's favorite, The Sugar-Plum Tree.

The most unusual song is one I wrote for my brother and his wife when they were waiting to go to China to adopt their first child. (They've since adopted another girl from China, a boy from Nepal and most recently a little girl from Ethiopia!) I wanted to find a way to express their excitement and the beauty of adopting a child from another country.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Some parents journey 'round the globe,

To meet their child, and bring her home.

And when the waiting's finally through,

You look at her, she looks at you.

And then you hold her in your arms,

And see her beauty and her charms.

A brand new family you start,

You love your child with all your heart.

A child to rock, a child to love,

To teach about the stars above.

A child to cherish all your days;

A child to watch, a child to raise.

Diane Hidy: Lullaby: The Journey Begins