The first of the two pages of Feeling 3rds.

Exercises that develop awareness of how intervals feel.

 Some students are able to skip fingers easily.

Others seem to avoid skipping fingers, almost as if they're conserving them for future use. 

These pages provide extra practice.

Notice that the pattern breaks on the second line of each exercise.

There is extra practice on the trickier intervals. 

Fingering and time signatures are omitted. (Add as you wish.)

C Major Exercises

If you have students who need music with a simpler layout you might want to explore Attention Grabbers. 

Here is my student Mary playing Mashed Potato Clouds, the first piece in Attention Grabbers Book 2

Attention Grabbers: Book One look inside Attention Grabbers: Book One By Diane Hidy. Brilliant, appealing pieces in a simplified format. Each piece includes comfortable, optional teacher or parent duets.

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Attention Grabbers: Book Two look inside Attention Grabbers: Book Two By Diane Hidy. Dynamic, jazzy and lyrical pieces in an innovative, easy-to-read format. Excellent recital pieces.

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Pepperbox Jazz - Book 1 look inside Pepperbox Jazz - Book 1 By Elissa Milne. For solo piano. A vibrant collection of original pieces for piano. Late Intermediate Collection.

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Piano Town, Lessons - Primer look inside Piano Town, Lessons - Primer By Keith Snell and Diane Hidy. Innovative complete piano method written by two of the most respected teachers in the world. Method for children ages 6 and up. Five complete levels take the student from the very beginning through the finest early piano literature.

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The Vanishing Villain look inside The Vanishing Villain By Diane Hidy. Magical sounding sheet suitable for any recital, but especially great for Halloween. Can be taught by rote, or read by an elementary student. The glissando at the end provides a showy finish.

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