Mean Little Monsters

Mean Little Monsters Table of Contents

I needed something unexpected. Funny. A little mischievous. A lot dramatic.

I've always wanted to have some Attention Grabber Halloween pieces, and this is the suite of three pieces I wrote to fill that niche. I've taught it to almost all of my students in the past few weeks and every one of them loved it. I have no idea what will happen on the Halloween recital. It may come to blows. Will someone try to Jinx it? Will someone use Belladonna? Will it be a Calamity?

Those, of course, are the titles of the three pieces in the Suite. 

Do you need something fresh and out-of-the-ordinary? Do you like my Attention Grabbers?

Mean Little Monsters (Studio License) is available for instant download here. Enjoy!

Watch me play the entire suite below: