Your Audience Awaits

The Audience Lyrics
Charlie in her ballet clothes. (She has ballet right after her piano lesson each week.)

Charlie in her ballet clothes. (She has ballet right after her piano lesson each week.)

At almost every spring recital, one of my beginning students plays a piece called The Audience. It's a rite of passage, as the "torch" is handed from adorable child to adorable child. Each parent fondly remembering when theirs was the child playing on her first recital. 

This video is a preview of the start of our upcoming Mother's Day recital. Charlie is six years old and this is her first "big" recital. Last year I invited her family to come to our recital to see if they thought my studio would be a good fit for their family. (It's a great way to check out a family and vice-versa.) She came to our spring recital and sat quietly in the front row through the entire thing. I was impressed. Most tiny kids can't sit through that many other children's performances. 

As you listen, notice these things:

  • Charlie's enthusiasm for the lyrics
  • The way the lyrics help her play the rhythm correctly
  • Her mirroring of my gestures and phrasing
  • How excited she gets doing a crescendo!
  • Her pride at playing such an important sounding piece

Sometimes teachers tell me that they don't enjoy teaching beginners. They prefer to work with advanced students. Because I'm qualified to teach highly advanced students, sometimes people assume I won't teach beginners. But it's moments like these that seal the deal for me. The little ones keep me young. And there's nothing quite like Charlie taking her place on stage.

Does one of your little ones need to play The Audience on your next recital?