World's Cutest Copy Cat

Watch 7-year-old Charlie playing a Copy Cat piece! You'll wonder why no one thought to write pieces like this before. They're a perfect way to teach sight reading, ear training, and key signatures all in the same book. Find out more here...

A few ideas for using Copy Cat pieces:

  • Play one part yourself, let your student play the other.
  • Play a piece first using the version with accidentals written into the score. Then cover up that version and let them try the version with the key signature. What becomes harder? Is anything easier?
  • Play one part yourself and see if your student can play it back to you without looking at the music!
  • Have the student play one part and see if YOU can play it back without looking at the music!
  • Play the phrases in a different order. Try playing every other phrase. How does that change the way the piece sounds? Do some phrases sound like endings? What do the other phrases sound like? Why wouldn't you want to end with some of them?

I hope you and your students have as much fun with these pieces as I have had with my students.