Part Three: Parent, Practice and Pack - The Cliburn Amateur Competition

Janet leaves in a week.

Her teenage daughter just came down with a dreadful virus that was scary and deprived the entire household of sleep. Janet spent the week wearing a surgical mask and gloves around her home doing everything she could not to get the virus while still being a wonderful mother.

Parenting took priority over practice.

Here are thumbnails of just a few of the videos that Janet made during lessons. She's re-listening to them this final week before we leave.

Since I live in San Francisco and Janet lives in Los Angeles, her lessons have been infrequent but intense. 

Post-it notes almost cover up the actual notes in Janet's copy of the Liadov Barcarole.

Janet's practice and performance schedule has been rigorous. She played almost her entire program in San Francisco at the Green Room. 

Janet alternated with my other students, playing each round as a discrete unit to help her get used to the pace of the short rounds.

She went and played her program for John Perry, my beloved former teacher. At the beginning of June, she also played a recital at her church.

Janet playing a recital at her church.

It's a fine line between being prepared and being over-practiced. Between feeling safe and comfortable with your repertoire and being bored to tears by it. I think Janet's in a great place.

Both Janet and I live near the beach in California, so we're used to cool mornings and evenings. The weather in Fort Worth will be a challenge for us! 

Choosing wardrobe for a piano competition is dicey. Pick something too fancy and you look pretentious. Come out in jeans and hightop sneakers and you look like you'd rather be skateboarding. 

Too fussy?

Too fussy?

Too laid-back?

Too laid-back?

Janet has decided on black pants with a variety of lovely tops. She's gorgeous and has a fabulous figure, so she looks great in everything. I'll post lots of competition photos after we get to Fort Worth.

We leave on Sunday the 19th. Janet's first performance is on Monday evening. Cross your fingers for her!