Children Ask the World of Us

If you'd like, listen to this while you read this post.

I couldn't sleep. It's been six days since Donald Trump won the election and my insomnia is getting worse. Last night I made the mistake of watching a few minutes of 60 Minutes on TV and imagining a life where Donald and Melania are in the White House.

I'm worried about so many things. I think about my students, almost all of whom could be singled out for deportation if that's the way our country goes. My studio is a place where people of every color and persuasion meet to make music together. I like it that way. I like my country that way.

When I couldn't sleep last night, I did think of something that I could do for the rest of you who might be sharing my difficulty.

Just after September 11, 2001, I made a Lullaby recording with my dear friend, Sara. I wrote a song about it which seems more relevant today than ever. 

Children ask the world of us,
We must give them what they ask,
Even when it seems to be
An impossible task.
Every day a child learns something
Every day is new.
Just look at your children,
Day by day, you'll get through.

From now until a time when I feel we are safe within our own borders, this entire album, all sixteen songs, will be available as a free download.

I hope and pray it gives you some comfort and maybe even a little sleep.

Click here to download Diane Hidy's Lullaby: The Journey Begins for free.