Two and Half Hours of Bliss

I didn't mean for it to be that long. I told everyone to play whatever they'd been working on. I didn't realize how hard they'd been working or that putting them all in the same room would be quite so overwhelming.

My adults students are amazing people whose persistence and drive constantly surprise me. The youngest are recent college graduates. The two oldest?  Barbara is 84 and Dave is 85. We should all be in that good shape when we're that age!

My adult students - most of them - at their class on Sunday.

I feel so fortunate that I have students like these. I know some teachers say that they don't like to teach adults. "Adults never practice," one will say. Or, "They think they know it all and don't listen to me."

That's not been my experience. Whether they've been playing for two years, like Chal, or more than seventy, like Dave and Barbara, my students work hard and love making music.

Here's the music that filled up those hours yesterday. (Sruti was there and played a Scarlatti Sonata and the Brahms A Major Intermezzo. She had a play-off soccer match so she left before we took the picture. Which just goes to show you that you can play the piano AND play soccer!) So here's a picture of her all dressed up and ready to play soccer.

Wish you could have all heard it.

Here they are with their names and what they played. 

Next month we're having a recital in Berkeley at the Maybeck Recital Hall followed by dinner at the delicious Indian restaurant, Ajanta.

Want to join us? It promises to be a fun evening. Send me a message if you'd like to come.

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