Teaching Adults Soulful Music

My student, Alex, a Phd. student in Astrophysics at Stanford, was playing a piece by Elissa Milne today. It was so beautiful that I asked him if I could make a video to share with you. He's only studied with me for five months now, and he'll be moving on to do a Post Doctoral Degree at Boston College and MIT. But right now, today, he was making gorgeous, heartfelt music.

It's not that this was a flawless performance, it was the connection I could tell he felt with the music that moved me. I hope you'll feel the same way.

I love teaching adults and I think one of the reasons is because I've gotten good at choosing repertoire for them. This piece, Ashes, is a ideal piece for an adult to learn. It is soulful, full of longing, and sophisticated enough to keep their interest. It's only two pages long but tells a story. (I do caution you to be careful when you teach the second page. The LH chords are a little tricky.) There is nothing juvenile about this piece, though I've successfully taught it to students as young as ten years old.

The piece is from Even More Little Peppers by Elissa Milne. Though I love all her music, this book is one of my favorites. The range of pieces and the appeal to students is extraordinary.

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Try them the next time you're looking for something yummy to teach.

Alex playing Ashes by Elissa Milne.

Alex playing Ashes by Elissa Milne.