Not Quite Ready for a Nocturne

My adorable student Alex, age 10, is an old soul. Unfortunately, she's living in a brand new body equipped with teeny-tiny hands. In heart and mind she's ready to play a beautiful Chopin Nocturne. But her hands and body aren't quite ready yet. I've been bridging the gap with some of Elissa Milne's slower, moodier pieces from her Little Peppers series.

At her lesson yesterday she played Ashes so beautifully I wanted to share it. It's a slow, sultry performance in great contrast to her perky personality.

Little Peppers books come in all levels, from Very Easy Little Peppers to the more challenging Pepperbox Jazz Books

This piece, Ashes, is from Even More Little Peppers. I'd say that it's one of my favorites, except that every time one of my students plays one of these pieces I think that's the one I like the best.