Checking Off the Boxes

Alex creating her assignment sheet.

Alex creating her assignment sheet.

I finally figured it out. I'd looked for rubber stamps, I'd tried all kinds of preprinted materials and creating my own assignment books.

I wanted to be able to help a student create something like this:

That sweet spot of the 'tween years is a great time to get students involved in creating their own assignment sheets. This is one that my student, Alex, created yesterday. She played through her C Major Kuhlau Sonatina from the fabulous Level Two Sonatina Book. As she played, we stopped and used Washi Tape to mark all the places that she needed to work on. Then we took check-off box stickers and put them next to pieces of the same washi tape to make a graphic To-Do list. The more mistakes we found for her to work on, the more interesting the art project became. Instead of reacting badly to a problem, she got more involved because she was in charge of it.

I created these printable stickers for digital download. They should print correctly on any address labels that are 1  x  2 & 5/8ths inches. I used these Avery Labels, but they should work on any labels with these dimensions. 

Here's an example of each printable sheet. Each sheet will print 30 identical stickers of one kind on one sheet. Use one, or try them all.

Use them in any way you can think of. I like to put a sticker of check-off boxes over a place in a piece in a Primer level student's piece to show them that place needs extra practice.

As the students grow older, they use them to help create their own assignment sheets like Alex did. 

Let me know what uses you find for these stickers!