Diary of a Halloween Recital

This year I threw caution to the wind and printed the programs a week before the recital. Usually I wait until the last minute in case there are changes, but the kids were all solid and it was a relief to have them done early.

Day of the Recital

10 a.m. - Student's mom brings by Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese with instructions to plug it in three hours before we want to eat it. She needs a little calming down about the high school application process so we have a nice cup of tea together. (The high school application process in San Francisco is insane. Trust me on this one.) Nice to hang out in the sunny family room and relax for a few minutes. It calms me down, too.

11:50 a.m. Text from student's mom. Could they please switch from the first recital to the second? They're stuck in Sacramento at a family gathering and aren't sure they'll make it. Of course! No problem. Be sure to take the Golden Gate Bridge, I advise. Terrible traffic on the Bay Bridge because of the 5 pm World Series Game. Plan where he'll play on the second recital.

12:45 p.m. Disappointed call from mother of first kid on second recital. Clem is sick. They went surfing yesterday and she's felt rotten ever since. Deciding not to bring her since she's sneezing and has a fever. Good call! Does she still need to bring the food? No. It's all good. Stay home and get well.

1:00 p.m. Take ham out of the fridge. Unwrap it. Trying to decide what container to put it in to warm it up. Should I get it done before the recital? Or should I put it in the oven on delay start. Decide on the delay start for 3:12 p.m. Will I still remember to turn on the Mac & Cheese?

Program from the First Recital.

1:03 p.m. Notice that the ham looks suspiciously boneless (which I knew) and NOT spiral cut (which I didn't). Who's going to cut the ham when it comes out of the oven DURING the second recital?

2:20 p.m. Turn on the Mac & Cheese early. Hope it doesn't burn.

2:45 p.m. Just getting in the shower upstairs when I hear the first family arrive. They thought the recital was at 3pm, not 3:30 pm. Glad husband is downstairs to greet them. Hop in the shower.

3:00 p.m. Descend, hair still wet, to find a room full of people who also thought the first recital started at 3, not 3:30. Make pleasant conversation. Suddenly realize that Nadia is supposed to be on the second recital, but she's here for the first. Laugh and find a place for her on the first recital program.

First recital performers plus siblings. 


3:25 p.m. Take all the kids onto the stairs for annual Halloween recital picture. Siblings welcome. 

3:35 p.m. Start recital. All goes smoothly, including Ella and Benjamin playing on their very first recital! Alex does a fabulous job with Flyover, a brand new piece I just finished writing. World Premiere!

4:05 p.m. Recital concludes. Eating of copious amounts of sweets. 

4:30 p.m. All first recital participants leave. Three minutes of quiet.

4:33 p.m. Second recital families start to arrive.

4:40 p.m. Everyone here's except Leo, (who may be late) so let's take the picture.

Second Recital performers. All is peaceful before Leo arrives.

Leo arrives. Now we have ourselves a party!

During the recital Andrea, mother of Tasha, runs the kitchen like a real restauranteur keeping everything running smoothly. Husband slices the ham beautifully. 

Second recital is lovely. Includes four more World Premieres, each one played beautifully. I'm so proud. Fathers in the back of the room confess they've been checking and there's no score yet in the World Series Game. (We're all Giants fans here.)

5:35 p.m. Potluck begins and Giants put on a great show for us. Andrea keeps the desserts hidden until the 5th Inning. Great conversation, laughs and delicious food. I love my families.

7:30 p.m. Everyone is gone. I finish watching the game. Husband sleeps through the last three innings. Giants win.

It's been a good day.

For those who are wondering where all those cool graphics came from on the program, they were designed by Kelly J. Sorenson who sells gorgeous downloadable graphics on Etsy. This file is called Spooky Halloween Design Elements. I chose this one because I liked the combination of slightly spooky but not too scary art. And I love supporting independent artists!

The font is Cheboygan which is available as a free download. It's got the right mix of legibility and spookiness.

Holiday Wish List anyone?