Piano Dreams for the Year

Here are some helpful forms to get your year started off on a positive note.
Like the Sight Reading Flashcards, these forms are all free downloadable pdf's.

I'm doing my fall goal setting this year with a new form I've designed called Piano Dreams for 2013/2014.

I enjoy brainstorming with each student about what we'll be accomplishing.
I  put the pencil into their hand and have them fill out the form themselves.
I often discover things I would never have known without this simple project. It's an encouraging, enjoyable way to begin the year. 

I'm also looking forward to starting a 30 piece challenge, as suggested by Elissa Milne. (She actually suggests 40 but I'm starting slowly this year with my kids. That way they can always do extra, fill in another form and get extra credit!)

A student commits to learning at least 30 pieces throughout the course of the year. This can be done a variety of ways, including learning simpler, shorter pieces to fill out the numbers. The benefits of this are many - including making tangible benefits for playing something at less than a student's maximum skill level. 


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