Yesterday I Started a New Adult Beginner

I teach quite a few adults, but it had been a while since I started a beginning adult. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to start an adult off in the Beginning Piano books.

Amanda, my new student, is a typical adult beginner. She played flute in school and used to be able to read in treble clef. She knows some basic rhythms, but everything is a little foggy. Piano is completely new to her.

She’s eager to learn, and has everything “adult” in place. She’s organized, thoughtful, motivated and quite naturally musical.

We worked through the first eight pages, and skipped to one or two harder pieces as well. The best part was remembering about the CD I’d made. Yes, the CD included in the Beginning Repertoire Book is me playing the kinds of accompaniments I always play with my students. I recorded them on an acoustic piano, just me playing simple and beautiful backgrounds. No backbeats, no bells and whistles. Just a clear, supportive, canvas for a new adult to play along with.

I loved her excitement - she could take me home with her and play with my accompaniments all week long!

I see lots of posts about the best method to use with teen and adult beginners. Seriously, this is all you need. The material is clear, age-appropriate for anyone but a child, and the Theory and Technic books complete the experience.

If you find yourself wondering what to use for that teen or adult beginner this fall, I hope you’ll be as happy as I was yesterday teaching Amanda.


It was really important that it went well. I already teach her daughter, and Amanda is going to be my daughter’s English teacher this year. Whew.