The Titanic


"It said Titanic, so I didn't know what to do!" she exclaimed.

The question had actually been, "Did you practice The Big Dipper?" 

Sometimes the answers kids give are so confusing. I couldn't quite figure out how she'd thought I'd written Titanic. Then I remembered, she's just learning to read. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. She calmly explained that she'd been reading the Magic Treehouse Book where Jack and Annie go on the Titanic. (If you don't know about these books, they are absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend looking at them. There are more than forty of them now, each with a chance to learn something about history while learning to read. Without a doubt the best first chapter books around. I include them in my music money prizes.)

What I'd actually written was "Technic," but it started with T and ended with C, so it had to be Titanic, right?

Years ago I had a student who could only play one piece: the theme from Titanic. The rest of her piano study was like a voyage on the Titanic, but the actual theme from the Titanic? Fabulous.

When you're writing down assignments for young readers, check in often to make sure they can read what you are writing. Because it's kind of a drag when they think you're sending them on a doomed cruise and you're just trying to get their fingers moving.