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Planes, Pillows and Practice: Cliburn Amateur Part Four

Planes, Pillows and Practice: Cliburn Amateur Part Four

Final test-practicing with distractions on keys. Playing the Lento section of the Chopin now...Lots of time to get distracted during a slow movement, eh?

Note to self: Doesn't work with Mercutio. ;)

"See you there!!! Doors shut, plane going to Fort Worth is full - got this ugly pink little pillow to help me sleep. There's a little hole in it to place my hand inside!"     

Janet's hopped on an early flight today to get to Fort Worth in time to try out the piano.

From Cliburn Amateur:

Piano Tryout
We are providing a 9-foot Hamburg Steinway concert grand piano for all recital rounds. You will be able to try out this piano on stage in Van Cliburn Recital Hall on Saturday, June 18 at your assigned time listed below. Due to the heavy use of the facility for tuning and performances, piano tryouts are limited to seven minutes and may not be rescheduled.

Seven minutes sounds short, but it's a great deal more than no minutes. Walking out on the stage where one has to play, breathing the air and seeing the lights is almost as important as playing the instrument. I'm confident that the Cliburn will have a dreamy piano. They always do.

The Cliburn has been on the cutting edge of live-streaming events for years now. I loved watching the 2013 Professional Competition live. In fact, I'm listening to a performance from there right now. (Alessandro Deljavan - Semifinal Round Chamber - playing the Dvorak Quintet.) These previous performances are always accessible at

Starting Sunday, June 19, 2016, the Amateur Competition will be streamed live. Here are some important links if you'd like to be part of this exciting event:

2016 CLIBURN AMATEUR COMPETITORS (with their bios and complete repertoire) It's interesting to read about these diverse and gifted people. from around the world.

Watch live (or on a short delay) at

Janet performs in the last session of the Preliminaries on Monday June 20th at 7 pm. Set an alarm so you remember to watch!

I'm heading to Fort Worth tomorrow. The people of Fort Worth have always been generous and helpful. This time friends of friends (Thanks, Frederic Chiu!) are hosting Janet, my adult student Kara, and me. They've arranged practice pianos and made our stay in Fort Worth lovely before we've even arrived.

Now, if I can just teach two lessons, get to the hairdresser, make it to the emergency doctor appointment for the strange pop in my knee that has made it nearly impossible to walk (as if I didn't already have some foot issues) and get back in time to drop my sweet dog, Charlie, off at my student Neil's house, it will all be good.

Fort Worth, here we come. 

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