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Time for Piano Town


Diane Hidy’s ability to take the ordinary and make it unusual and exciting has made her the most respected piano teacher online today. In Piano Town, she uses the same wit and sensitivity to bring joy to the lyrics of even the simplest pieces. The eye for layout that makes her Attention Grabbers Books so successful informs the visual design of Piano Town. These books are unusually vivid, clear and easy-to-use even for first-time users.

Keith Snell

Keith Snell’s impeccable skill at leveling and sequencing has made his Repertoire and Theory Books invaluable to teachers around the world. His skill as an editor has made his editions best- sellers. He brings these skills to the world of Piano Town by introducing classical masterpieces earlier than any other method. His meticulous eye for detail and expertise at incremental learning makes this method the most evenly paced and integrated series available today.

Piano Town can be ordered from your local dealer as well as from Amazon, Sheet Music Plus, and Book Depository.

Halloween is Just Around the Corner

Long Fingernails?

Long Fingernails?